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#481 support polydispersity for integer parameters (e.g., pearl necklace) defect minor SasView
#560 extend core multi-shell model to support spline functions. enhancement minor SasView
#562 fix handling of q==0 for various models defect minor SasView
#563 numerical derivative step size is precision dependent defect minor SasView
#566 Need to gather requirements for crystal and flux line analysis (a la GRASP) enhancement minor SasView
#568 custom models should use Iq(q, ...) and Iqxy(qx, qy, ...) defect minor SasView
#574 make model help available for custom models enhancement minor SasView
#575 run custom model tests when checking model enhancement minor SasView
#577 support simultaneous install of different versions enhancement minor SasView
#578 allow parallel fitting if multiple gpus defect minor SasView
#790 provide single and double precision versions of special functions defect minor sasmodels
#808 view_html failing in the release bundle defect minor SasView
#857 warn when model is outside valid range of q or parameters enhancement minor SasView
#908 Scripts for release ajj enhancement minor SasView
#947 Include sasmodels api docs in sasview developer documentation ajj defect minor SasView
#982 random model generation needed for rpa, spherical_sld and onion defect minor SasView
#1001 allow mixtures with some components being P*S defect minor sasmodels
#1151 Add pivot point to power law model to reduce parameter correlations enhancement minor SasView
#1177 array distribution not respecting hard limits on parameter defect minor SasView
#1215 Clean unused set_fit_weight() parameters mathieu enhancement minor SasView
#266 Add Star Polymer with Excluded Volume Model enhancement trivial SasView

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#564 improve support for tgamma and other missing function defect minor SasView
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