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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1257 vesicle @ structure_factor incorrect defect major SasView
#1264 Form factor for two correlated spherical particles Tianfu enhancement major sasmodels
#1266 matplotlib has remove hold() method defect major SasView
#322 Need to streamline requiring new version of packages defect minor SasView
#482 better support for integer parameters in fit defect minor SasView
#490 smearer does not handle negative q values enhancement minor SasView
#495 singular covariance matrices give traceback error for dream/amoeba/newton defect minor SasView
#542 capped_cylinder & barbell docs and/or computations could be improved pkienzle enhancement minor sasmodels
#715 resolution calculation does not check for basis of support between q points defect minor SasView
#842 allow specification of single and double precision opencl device defect minor SasView
#859 hayter_msa S(Q) - possible limitations or numerical instabilities task minor sasmodels
#867 Use integer number of branches for star polymer defect minor SasView
#868 validate the polymer_micelle model richardh enhancement minor sasmodels
#901 numpy should be imported as "import numpy as np" mathieu defect minor SasView
#936 Build new tutorials as HTML task minor SasView
#973 sticky hard sphere fails for q<epsilon defect minor SasView
#975 bcc_paracrystal and fcc_paracrystal scaling, docs for all paracrystal richardh defect minor sasmodels
#977 Don't use \text in equations defect minor SasView
#981 binary_hard_sphere fails for small qr defect minor SasView
#987 elliptical cylinder for axis ratio < 1 enhancement minor SasView
#1005 move model-specific conversion code into the model files enhancement minor SasView
#1009 Add information in fit report about the polydispersity distribution used gonzalezm enhancement minor SasView
#1036 update tests for bcc/fcc paracrystal and core shell parallelepiped defect minor SasView
#1051 use same markup language for trac and github enhancement minor SasView
#1056 Check max_pd maximum number polydisperse parameters pkienzle defect minor sasmodels
#1061 minor isue with simultaneous / constrained fits krzywon defect minor SasView
#1075 speed improvement for 2d fits enhancement minor SasView
#1088 duplicate parameters in save project files when toggling fit defect minor SasView
#1089 2D resolution accuracy setting not preserved on save/load project defect minor SasView
#1090 fit page is missing from SASentry for simultaneous fits to the same file defect minor SasView
#1098 rename tinycc repo to pytcc defect minor SasView
#1104 Documentation page anchors stripped from URLs defect minor SasView
#1106 Sesans cannot handle large numbers of data points awashington defect minor SasView
#1107 Doubts about Onion Doc defect minor sasmodels
#1124 Add confirmation for closing fit pages enhancement minor SasView
#1138 refactor environment variables enhancement minor SasView
#1159 C compiler ignores environment variables set in python defect minor SasView
#1207 don't create .pyc files in ~/.sasview defect minor SasView
#1216 attribute checking in model definition file enhancement minor sasmodels
#1217 simplify models produced by Sum/Multiply defect minor SasView
#1249 use backslash correctly in strings defect minor SasView
#1258 In 4.2 polydisperse hollow_cylinder @S(Q) fails pkienzle defect minor SasView
#757 improve multilayer_vesicle model and vesicle enhancement trivial SasView

Status: reopened (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#649 Fix model parameter nomenclature to be standardized butler defect major SasView
#1086 verify and document up_frac_i and up_frac_f calculations for magnetic models defect major SasView
#1102 incorrect resolution smearing GitHub <noreply@…> defect major SasView
#1059 Remove camel case from unified_power_Rg butler defect minor SasView
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