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#890 use new orientation definition for asymmetric shapes pkienzle defect blocker fixed 6 years
#962 star polymer typo in docs butler defect blocker fixed 6 years
#980 Inconsistent results between Igor & SasView using Fractal Core-Shell model butler defect blocker wontfix 6 years
#1050 fix appveyor test for sasmodels win 64 python 3 defect blocker fixed 5 years
#1057 phi rotation issue for elliptical cylinder pkienzle defect blocker fixed 5 years
#1191 Correct erroneous Scale reported by Spinodal model defect blocker obsolete 5 years
#776 angular dispersity pkienzle enhancement critical fixed 7 years
#1099 Erratic behaviour of Sum|Multi model in 4.1.2 defect critical fixed 5 years
#1105 mass_surface_fractal model documentation, unit tests, defaults are wrong richardh defect critical fixed 5 years
#695 linear slope in onion model gonzalezm enhancement major fixed 7 years
#891 update docs for oriented shapes with new orientation definition pkienzle defect major fixed 6 years
#1018 add Boltzmann distribution dirk enhancement major fixed 6 years
#852 More unit tests, especially for oriented or 2d models richardh enhancement minor fixed 6 years
#961 sasmodels tests should fail if the parameter name does not exist defect minor fixed 6 years
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