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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
calculatorview 5f50326   9 years gervyh edit calculator docs
fittingview fa02d95   9 years gervyh working on batch
invariantview 89b7858   9 years gervyh edit invariant docs
inversionview 40299ce   9 years gervyh edit doc
park-1.2.1 3570545   9 years doucetm Adding park Part 2
park_integration 2605b879   9 years jhjcho fixed a bug, wrong value displaying on PD when constrained
plottools cd8d4a7   9 years jhjcho added missing import of mpl in a certain case
pr_inversion 007f9b3   9 years doucetm Re #5 Fix p(r) unit tests
prview b4f3206   9 years gervyh make sure the application does not span another process when using py2exe
sanscalculator a4f04f2   9 years gervyh edit doc
sansdataloader 7247844   9 years gervyh updates docs
sansguiframe 6df04e43   9 years gervyh put back the code for version_checking, replace subprocess with process
sansinvariant 67cd7c0   9 years gervyh add invariant docs
sansmodels 641166b   9 years doucetm Re #5 Fix obvious problems with unit tests.
sansrealspace 546ac03   9 years jtumarki Updated README.txt .
sansrealspace_modeling 492ff6c   9 years jtumarki Updated README.txt .
sansutil 4025019   9 years doucetm Adding util and park
sansview afea8fe   9 years doucetm Re #2 Updated README with installation instructions
simulationview b7b9c16   9 years gervyh add new perspective simulationview
simview cc4f0b2   9 years gervyh update
test ea6e8b6   9 years doucetm Re #5 improving tests 9.1 KB 72af855   9 years doucetm Re #5 Fixing setup for build server (testing)

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