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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
build_tools 68e6ac8   6 years noreply Update
test 7d94915   6 years krzywon Fixes #658: ASCII reader files less than 5 lines long get thrown out.
sasview c1fdf84   6 years smk78 Enlarged Acknowledgement box so text is no longer truncated
src cbbb6a4   6 years smk78 Updated text to reflect change from Run > Compile to Run > Check Model in …
docs c43953ef   6 years smk78 Added Computations with GPU to toctree.
.project 361 bytes bd849c26   8 years tobias.richter make importing sources into eclipse easier by providing a .project file 10.1 KB 64aa49e   8 years doucetm Update setuptools
.pydevproject 423 bytes 79492222   8 years krzywon Changed the file and folder names to remove all SANS references. 729 bytes 795ea6a2   7 years tobias.richter specifically set CTYPE seems the Mac is passing in unrecognised CYTPE of … 961 bytes 7a88adc   7 years mathieu Update Add Travis-CI build status
.gitattributes 146 bytes 600bea1   7 years ajj Trying to solve some line-ending issues 4.4 KB 832fea2   6 years krzywon Code Cleanup - Removing the last vestiges of sasview models from the repo.
.gitignore 1.1 KB e04f87b   6 years piotr.rozyczko removed autogenerated installer.iss 4.4 KB 68aa210   6 years krzywon Added a reader for 1D and 2D CanSAS v2.0 data in HDF5 format. Added the … 12.4 KB db74ee8   6 years krzywon Changed h5py requirement to latest version instead of specifying v2.5
.travis.yml 1.1 KB 58918de   6 years noreply Update .travis.yml
Vagrantfile 1.6 KB 601b93d   6 years ajj Fixing vagrant config

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