source: sasview @ 0ed400d

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
build_tools bd0a2115   11 years jhjcho changed sasview name
calculatorview 0ed400d   11 years jhjcho more fixes on compiler msg, and license
fittingview 6057915   11 years jhjcho simple model editor: better error msg and keep the previous code
invariantview f686259   11 years jhjcho MAC: fixing the broken unit texts in invariant panel
inversionview 0320d36   12 years jhjcho fixing pylint warning
park-1.2.1 d36facf   12 years doucetm Re #5 fixing park compilation on MSVC (turning code into proper C)
park_integration 986da97   11 years jhjcho Popup dialog on status event with error
plottools f866fb5   11 years jhjcho pylint cleanups
pr_inversion 3fdb68a   11 years kieranrcampbell Small fixes to appearance dialogs
prview b4f3206   12 years gervyh make sure the application does not span another process when using py2exe
sanscalculator 3fc01c5   12 years jhjcho fixing pylint warnings
sansdataloader f1e0c1eb   11 years kieranrcampbell Added basic unit tests for star polymer model
sansguiframe 6e48fd0   11 years jhjcho data operation: added scale for 2D plot
sansinvariant 97700d7   11 years jhjcho Egual to AlmostEqual? in 8 below decimal
sansmodels 3be2eb6   11 years jhjcho GuinierPorod?: removed some singular points
sansrealspace 0abf7bf   12 years doucetm Re #5 Get rid of pyre models, odb creation, and modelfactory, all of which …
sansrealspace_modeling 492ff6c   12 years jtumarki Updated README.txt .
sansutil 507c68f   12 years doucetm Pep-8-ification
sansview 0ed400d   11 years jhjcho more fixes on compiler msg, and license
simulationview b7b9c16   12 years gervyh add new perspective simulationview
simview cc4f0b2   12 years gervyh update
sphinx-docs e0050a5   12 years doucetm Fixing sphinx docs
test e89bb46   11 years doucetm Consolidate duplicated tests and protect against missing deps. 5.3 KB c4cf266   12 years doucetm fix dependency check 10.0 KB a1968c4   12 years doucetm Re #5 add easy_install to help distribution
sansview.latestversion 5 bytes baa915c   12 years doucetm Increment current version number
setup.cfg 31 bytes 596a7f1   12 years doucetm Re #5 adding config to build 13.9 KB c329f4d   11 years jhjcho changed sansview name to sansview (gui only)

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