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1Running Tests
4Tests are stored in subdirectories of the test directory, as
5*package/test/utest_\*.py*.   Other files in the test subdirectory are
6data, expected output and other support files.  Before running any tests
7you must first run * build* in the root.  Tests are run against the
8current source directory with run magic to find the compiled code, so you
9only need to rebuild between tests if you are modifying the C code.
11Tests can be run in Eclipse (or other IDE) by selecting **
12and selecting run.  This will run all of the tests.  To run tests for one
13one package, edit the ** run command and add the package
14directory to the command arguments.  To run an individual test,
15select ** and edit the command arguments to include the path to
16the desired test file.
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