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[920928f]1.. python_shell_help.rst
[78f02c3]3.. This is a port of the original SasView html help file to ReSTructured text
4.. by S King, ISIS, during SasView CodeCamp-III in Feb 2015.
[8a63137]5.. Text revised during Code Camp V in Oct 2016.
[afb93df]7.. _Python_shell:
9Python Shell-Editor Tool
[8a63137]15This is a Python shell/editor provided with WxPython.
[8a63137]17For the help about Python, visit the website
[8a63137]19.. note:: This shell/editor has its own help, but the Help() and Credits() calls do not work on Macs.
[8a63137]21The NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib, etc, libraries are shipped with SasView and so functions from these can be imported into the shell/editor, however, some functionality may not work.
[8a63137]23.. image:: new_pycrust_example.png
24   :align: center
[8a63137]26When a Python file, for example a fitting model, is created or loaded with the *New* or *Open* options from the menu, a new tab opens with an editing notebook.
[8a63137]28.. image:: new_pycrust_example_2.png
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[8a63137]31If a Python (.py) model has a linked C (.c) subroutine *in the same folder* then the shell/editor will open both! However input focus is usually transferred to the tab with the .c file.
[8a63137]33To compile a model, select *Run* > *Check Model* from the shell/editor menu. If the model contains a unit test (which it should!!!) then this will also run and a popup window will report the success/failure of the test.
[8a63137]37.. note::  This help document was last changed by Steve King, 10Oct2015
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