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Slit Size Calculator Tool


This tool enables X-ray users to calculate the slit size (FWHM/2) for smearing based on their half beam profile data.

NOTE! Whilst it may have some more generic applicability, the calculator has only been tested with beam profile data from Anton-Paar SAXSess|TM|software.

Using the tool

  1. Select Slit Size Calculator from the Tool menu on the SasView toolbar.

  2. Load a beam profile file in the Data field using the Browse button.

    NOTE! To see an example of the beam profile file format, visit the file beam profile.DAT in your {installation_directory}/SasView/test folder.

  3. Once a data is loaded, the slit size is automatically computed and displayed in the tool window.

NOTE! The beam profile file does not carry any information about the units of the Q data. This calculator assumes the data has units of 1/|Ang|. If the data is not in these units it must be manually converted beforehand.


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