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OpenCL Installation

1. Check if you have OpenCL already installed


The following instructions are based on

  • Go to: Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools
  • Double Click on Computer Management
  • Click on Device Manager
  • Click open Display Adapters
  • Right-click on available adapter and select Properties
  • Click on Driver
  • Go to Driver Details
  • Scroll down and see if OpenCL is installed (look for OpenCL*.dll files)


For OSXs higher than 10.6 OpenCL is shipped along with the system.

2. Installation


Depending on the graphic card on your system, drivers can be obtained from different sources:




Note that Intel provides an OpenCL drivers for Intel processors: This can sometimes make use of special vector instructions across multiple processors, so it is worth installing if the GPU does not support double precision. You can install this driver alongside the GPU driver for NVIDIA or AMD.

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