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Test Data

Test data sets are included as a convenience to our users. Look in the test sub-folder in your SasView installation folder.

The data sets are organized based on their data structure; 1D data, 2D data, SASVIEW saved states, and data in formats that are not yet implemented but which are in the works for future versions.

1D data sets have at least two columns of data with Intensity (assumed absolute units) on the Y-axis and Q on the X-axis.

2D data sets are data sets that give the deduced intensity for each detector pixel. Depending on the file extension, uncertainty and meta data may also be available.

Saved states are projects and analyses saved by the SasView program. A single analysis file contains the data and parameters for a single fit (.fit), p(r) inversion (.pr), or invariant calculation (.inv). A project file (.svs) contains the results for every active analysis.


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